Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Three Days

My birthday, the most exciting day of the year, is on Friday. And I didn't make a list. At the sea side my dad asked what I wanted and I said "oh you know, cool stuff". For some reason this year I wasn't full of happy list items (although a cursory look over the last few months) filled with things I want. But I know that since I won't be home for my birthday (last year I was home the next day for cake and presents with my Mum but this year it's just me and David in Durham) sister Dos, Tres, Cuatro and the brother have probably not gotten me anything yet. No worries sibs, here you go!

1) Slow Cooker Revolution because I am old and work a lot and America's Test Kitchen is the bestest of the best

2) How pretty is this sweater?

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