Friday, June 15, 2012

Over Run

These blog people who organize their books by colour - these people must not need to find their books. They must not have enough books. We are over run with books. The idea of putting them all in boxes and finding an apartment to house them is daunting. I didn't remember to take a picture of the three stacks under David's bedside table or the shelf of cookbooks in the kitchen (okay, two shelves).

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  1. We were over run until recently too. Then I got ruthless and donated the books I knew I'd never read again and the ones I hadn't liked in the first place. Now we only have so many that they're stacked two deep on the bookcase but they're not spreading around the rest of the house. But (and don't hate me), I wish I had ours arranged by colour, I used to and I found it so much easier to find what I was looking for. Last night I spend 10 minutes looking for a book that I knew was yellow but had no idea who it was written by. This happens to me all the time.