Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Reading


My reading goes through fits and starts.  I read twelve books in three weeks then don't read at all for a month and a half.  Summer reading time is upon me though and I'm planning on rereading a few of my favourites.  Alice McDermott because she writes the most lovely things; Alice Walker because it reminds me of my year abroad when I read everything she'd written in six weeks and sobbed the whole time; and Jo Ann Beard because she has a new one I haven't yet read and she has that awesome Iowa vibe I love so hard.  Something about summer makes me want to keep the reading fiction and female.  What are you reading? Anything amazing?

 “I suppose I've never set out to write a novel in which nothing happens . . . only to write a novel about the lives of certain characters. That nothing 'happens' in their lives is beside the point to me; I'm still interested in how they live, and think, and speak, and make some sense of their own experience. Incident (in novels and in life) is momentary, and temporary, but the memory of an incident, the story told about it, the meaning it takes on or loses over time, is lifelong and fluid, and that's what interests me and what I hope will prove interesting to readers. We're deluged with stories of things that have happened, events, circumstances, actions, etc. We need some stories that reveal how we think and feel and hope and dream. ”  - Alice McDermott (because she will always be my favourite)

 A.  Charming Billy
B. The Boys of My Youth
C. The Way Forward is With a Broken Heart
D. The Dud Avocado

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