Thursday, July 25, 2013

Documerica, Part II

EPA Gulf Breeze Laboratory Biologist is Dip Netting for Contaminated Female Shrimp, this is for a Study of Whether PCB is Passed on to Their Offspring , 07/1972 by Bill Shrout

So months after first blogging about how much I wanted to see Documerica at the National Archives  Mary and I finally went on Monday and it was amazing.  As good as I hoped and twice as gorgeous. The exhibit was smaller than I would have liked and the majority of the photos were of people. You can’t help but wonder where that bride is now and why she looks so grim and what the smiling biologist found.  I'm so amazed by how modern the family living in the bus look, the parents could be hipsters in any American city in 2013.  This gorgeous government funded project yielded thousands of photos and they are all on the National Archives website available for hi-res download. I’m so tempted to blow up a few of these pictures for my already too crowded walls. Here are a few of my favourites. 

"The painted bus is home."  by David Hiser, Rifle, CO, October 1972.

Mary's favourite hometown art - Great Kills Park, Staten Island 5/1973 by Arthur Tress

Photograph of a bride and her attendants in new Ulm, Minnesota by Art Hanson

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