Monday, July 15, 2013

Cool and Blue

There is something about DC in the summer that compels me to leave the city.  I want to buy boat loads of fruit and grill and spend my days floating around in a pool.  Luckily my Oldest-and-Best-Friend (she of getting married and naughty little sisters and helping me wrap my bouquet along with swimming lessons at the age of 9 and fort building and college break visiting and teenage shenanigans fame) and her husband bought a house.  An hour and twenty minutes up a highway are complete with pool and grill and spare bed big enough for David and me.  A weekend of faffing around in their pool, eating her glorious cooking and talking about politics, religions, books, TV and recounting the mid-90's upstate New York strife with the Oneida Indian Nation to our husbands who, not having been there, couldn't possibly care less.  Coming back to work today feels like a tragedy.  I'm making her come back soon.

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