Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Tomorrow we are trudging down to the Mall with about 700,000 other people to watch the national fireworks.  We are going to attempt a picnic (we got this Picnic Basket as a wedding gift and it needs more exercise), I'm thinking olives and bread and goat cheese and pate etc., little nibbley things, cookies. Also if you tuck a flask in the lining of the bag you should be able to get it onto the mall.  This summer I've resolved to be better at keeping the sun off of myself (it's not actually going so well) and I'm loving spray suncare products.  I don't care what they are, I just wan to be able to spray instead of the rubbing in that is definitely not going to happen.  Add a straw hat (mine came from Ross' and was six bucks but it's similar) and some sunglasses and if we end up spending a couple of hours under the sun eating olives we won't mind.  I'm obsessed with these Mexican blankets that you can get anywhere and they make great picnic blankets.  Because I'm the ass who on St. Patrick's day wears black and tells everyone to go fuck themselves (apart from being the granddaughter of an Irish citizen) I refuse to wear red white and blue.  I'll wear grey and mint and coral.  I'll throw a book and a magazine (YA dystopian crazy makes me so happy in summertime and certain magazines that make me feel guilty for not being able to sail are too fun).  The fireworks will be amazing, they always are and on Friday we are off to my parents farm to swim and hang out in the backyard and maybe ride some horses, eat my mother food.  Enjoy the long weekend.

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