Monday, August 3, 2009


In general my magazine consumption is organized. I read Vogue, Allure (I got a subscription with my frequent flyer miles when Northwest was bought out) and InStyle every month. Plus The New Yorker and Vanity Fair (even those it's alarmist and crap). I like magazines a lot. This month it's become clear that InStyle is for morons. I already read Allure so my idiot magazine quota is already filled. I think I'm going to stop buying it. First off, is this really the best picture of La Heigl they got? Really? She's hot. I wanna be hot like Heigl. I feel like in real life we might be friends, she dresses straight from the J Crew catalogue and smokes. She swears a lot. And eats pasta, and named her production company after the withered hag in Provide Provide. She's cool. And hot. And someone at InStyle hates her. All the pictures are crap.

Then there is the issue of an article entitled "Display Your Books". This drives me to violence. If you are concerned about displaying your books you do not have enough books, or do not read those books. The argument that Do What You Are (a self help find a job book) and Bernard Shaw's collected plays should be next to each other because they are both orange is preposterous. For serious. This is all before you get to an article about "Rule Breaking." Don't worry, a coffee table can sometimes be an ottoman. And you CAN wear your curly hair short! All I want is pretty pictures of pretty things and people. No words. Thank you. Rant over.

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  1. I'm glad you did the rant for me. I now don't need to say a word, except two...

    I'm concur.
    Nuff said.