Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Have You Met Miss Jones?

I look like the above today. Not even the dress. The pajamas, and the chubby and the limp hair and the blond scruffy, and the alone and the vodka and the Chaka Kahn. And while I am not 32 I am well on my way to a life where my major relationship is with a bottle of wine. This will be my uniform for the week. It will not match. There will be vodka. (and I know that necklace is DONE but you can't be a sad Bridget Jones without a Tiffany heart).


  1. Chelsea Handler's book, while generally silly, is quite poetic in her love letters to vodka. Just make sure to drink a lot of water too.

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  3. Because I did not live in a place where the necklace was overdone, I still adore it and wear it (though with real silver chain not that black one) often to work b/c it makes me feel like Bridget and realize that while I may hate my day job, bad day jobs don't last forever. I am an independent woman of substance and bound for greatness. Or at least non-suckiness. And perhaps a Mark Darcy of my very own. Even though he is not a necessity, what with the whole independent woman of substance thing and all.

    Also, I totally bought Phish Food on a whim this afternoon. Get out of my head, please, thank you.