Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer Monday

This picture is of Split Rock, a waterfall and local watering hole a few miles away from my family's home in the Adirondacks, and nothing makes me long for the mountains like New York Mondays of ninety-degree-plus temperatures and enough humidity to choke commuters like myself as we wait in line in the still-blistering-at-5pm sun for buses.

I never imagined how fast the summer goes by when it must be thought of in terms of weekends. Suddenly it's August and I find myself wanting to ask summer for a refund. As a child my summers were filled with weeks in the Adirondacks, hiking and swimming in the mountain lakes. Now I find myself not having been there once without any hopes of getting there anytime soon. My family is kind of a mess right now, with my father being ill, and come to think of it, my personal life hasn't been so awesome either. Men are stupid and not knowing what to do with your life is stupid and feeling stuck in a rut because you're living at home with your parents is stupid too. Truth be told, this is the first summer I've actually felt like an adult, and having said that, I would give anything to jump in the freezing cold water of Split Rock and yelp out in pain but feel young and carefree and be blissfully unaware of Mondays' existence during the summer.

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