Monday, August 10, 2009


Things have been a little rough here at the ol' farm. Living alone doesn't agree with me as much as I had hoped. There has been crying, and yelling at people and trying to convince people to do things that include the dog ("Lets go to the park, I know its 102 degrees but we can do it" and "they have an outdoor patio, I know the flies but it's outside!!") and googling things like 'can I bring my dog into J Crew in my bag? (answer: no) and shouting at Friend F about my eminent death from falling off a chair and resulting consumption by ravinous westie (don't blame Susie, she'll be hungry) all over the interwebs and phone since I am, after all, living alone and then...

Well Mary wins at birthdays. I think Marie Antoinette (not just the real one, the Sofia Coppola one too) would wear these. If only Marie Antoinette had had a J Crew. And these earrings have made me all better. Completely well again.

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  1. Beautiful. When I was young I found living alone to be NO FUN AT ALL. So. Company is nice.