Monday, November 9, 2009

All I Want for Christmas

Tresor By Lancome, $48.00 - maybe just because I'll buy anything Kate Winslet sells me. But it smells so niiiiice.

Ugg Boots - These feets is cold

Pearl earrings, I ask every couple of years, I get new ones every couple of years and then I always loose one.

Cardigan, Old Navy $29.50. I need to get over cardigans. In a big way.

Belt, Old Navy $14.50 - actually I kind of want this for David's nephew's baptism and maybe The Oldest and Best's bachelorette party so maybs before Christmas

It's cold. I think I need a crazy fur hat to keep my very chilly head warm.

Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day by Jeff Hertzberg MD & Zoe Francois - because YUM

Cloth Napkins, Ten Thousand Villiages $6 each, David and I are now a no paper napkin house hold and these would really be an improvement on the red Christmas-y ones we use.

Shiny bracelets, this one is from TTV but in general I just want bracelets, they are the future. Understand.

Tres is an amazing artist and I think she should do a portrait of Susie (hint hint hint hint, E)


  1. crazy fur hat: c.f. trip to russia XD

  2. I also love non paper towels, they are a life saver in our home! IT GETS WEIRDER. Our men have the same name too!