Monday, November 30, 2009

For Christmas, Garlands

I love paper cranes on paper ripped from magazines and strung around. I'm very young. It seems appropriate for very young holidays and birthday parties. These are also lovely. The Oldest-and-Best's bachelorette party is going to be at the house next week so Christmas decorations that double as awesome-sauce party decorations might be cool.... I have a feeling the maid-of-honor (who is Oldest-and-Best's seventeen year old sister) might be bringing over some seriously crazy decorations but hopefully my cranes can stay.

I am also super duper loving these flower gardens from Once Wed. They may be slightly more labor intense than I want while lying on the couch watching design television... we'll see.


  1. i love cranes, tell her they must stay. XD

  2. gorgous! im making nmy decs this weekend and i might now try to copy this!