Monday, November 30, 2009

Cards, Westies, Old-Man Pajamas

Thanksgiving was awesome. Lots of dinners with family and friends and last night to end the week an awesome afternoon and evening with The Oldest-and-Best and her fiance and parents and sisters (one of whom is looking very cute and round and preggo) and David. It was lovely. And now I'm very sick and lying on the couch (in my checkered pajamas that are probably identical to ones your granddad owns) with a westie and a marmalade cat on my lap cuddled up together. I am taking this as an opportunity to pound tea with honey and lemon and knit a cable-knit scarf for David and hats with ear-flaps for my wee cousins. I should probably think about Christmas shopping and start folding paper cranes for hanging around the house and figure out where I am going to put my tiny little Christmas tree. Collect Christmas lists etc. But instead I'm going to stay here with my sore throat and sweet dog and a Design Inc holiday marathon. I would also like these gorgeous Rifle Paper Co. Christmas Cards. Yay. Christmas time.

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