Monday, November 23, 2009

Food, La Famillia and Cold Ears

This weekend has been exciting. Dinner party with The Oldest-and-the-Best and her fiance and his brother and the brother's girlfriend and David and some random hangers on. There was pear tart. I love pear tart. Then David's nephew's christening and little white outfits and pretty dresses on godmother and aunts and (I would like to think) on the uncle's girlfriend and brunch with shrimp cocktail and brisket and goat cheese and pumpernickle and mini-cheesecakes. My love of cheesecake is well documented. Then a mad rush to a dinner party at friends of my parents where David met my youngest sister (the fourth daughter and therefore Cuatro) and my brother and they like him and he likes them and there was more food and butternut squash curry soup and meat balls and shrimp dip and some amazing pork roast and pie and bread pudding and coffee and lots of chatting and funsters. Then today there was a restaurant supply store with Dad and Cuatro and the brother and two hours of grocery shopping and a liquor store run. And this evening a very greasy dinner of french fries and fried shenanigans and ice cream and some arcade games with David and the siblings (we are scheduling in getting to know you times; get to know my boyfriend please, like him, thanks). Tomorrow a rather mellow day until David and I drive to Baltimore to pick up Dos and Tres at the airport and have dinner with them before returning to the summer house where the whole family (Mummie, Daddy, Uno, Dos, Tres, brother, Cuatro, Susie, the Cat, Mum's new pitbull, her old alsasian and a very old cat plus two cousins, an aunt, an uncle and a corgi) will be spending Thanksgiving. David will be called upon to get to know more famililial shenanigans later in the week.

In the mean time, my ears are cold. My very stylish and alcoholic friend Alexandra had these last year at New Years and I pine for some big pouffy crazy ones. I would rather if they weren't make from a real fox and I would rather they were under a hundred bucks. I'm disapearing for the rest of the week. There are turkeys (seriously, PLURAL) and lots of sisters and dogs and biscotti and cuddles. I'm outtie. With love.

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