Friday, November 13, 2009


I am still jobless. Yet another interview turned into yet another rejection. I am still spending my days at home alone with the dog. So. Wearing David's stripey sweater around the house and making sweet potato fries for lunch. With honey peanut sauce. I wish I knew how to make sweet potato fries. The ones above aren't mine. I wish. Le sigh.


  1. oh bummer, but the fries do look great.

  2. Urgh, sorry about the job. Been there. I bet the sweet pots tasted good, no?

    (Blogger is messing up, sorry if you get another similar comment)

  3. Whah. Sorry about the job. Just cut the sweet potatoes into wedges and roast them with olive oil and salt. Close enough. Wish I could help on the job front.