Wednesday, May 11, 2011

66 Days Until the Beach

And also 66 days until our first anniversary. In real life I know for a week at the beach I will pack Holy Cross sweatshirts and t-shirts from work and jeans that don't fit well and probably possibly a Red Sox hat. I would like to think that I would bring just the above and float around behind sunglasses in flowy skirts and tanktops and bangles, reading stacks of old New Yorker. Maybe this summer.

Sweatshirt Cardi ($30); Swim Suit ($150); Denim Shorts by those Mooses ($165); Bangles ($95); Floppy Hat (£14.00); Cray Cray Sandals ($15.80); Aviators ($159); Toms (€ 55.00); Cotton Shorts (£7.99); Maxi Skirt

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