Thursday, May 24, 2012

Four Years

In the four years since Mary and I graduated I've moved from Worcester to Pennsylvania to Mississippi back to Pennsylvania to Maryland to Durham and now I'm apartment searching in Washington, DC.  I've worked as a field representative for the Obama Campaign, a waitress, a front desk clerk at a shady hotel, a drone in a call center, an office assistant, a marketing assistant and a nanny.  I've gotten married,  and gotten a dog.  I've gotten another dog and the first one (found of the side of the road) has died.  I've started straightening my hair more regularly and been diagnosed with hypothyroidism.   Mary has done a bunch of cool stuff too but I can let her tell you all about that.  It feels like a very long time and not a long time at all.  I guess that's how it always is.

Congratulations, Mary and the rest of the class of 2008!  Four years later we're all still alive!

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