Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wedding Season

We've reached the season of weddings.  Maybe it's our age but all of a sudden everyone is getting married.  Not a wedding last summer and David is in two this summer, and I'm doing a reading in another and am deeply embroiled in bridesmaid duties for a forth.   It's very exciting (and expensive! why do all of our friends live a million miles from us?) and a bit chaotic.   My favourite wedding gift right now is vintage maps.  We've bought two recently (and another for David).  Ebay has a bunch for under twenty bucks (or $7 and I'm way into parenthesis today huh?) and when framed up all purdy they look gorge.  Of course I also am going to buy a couple of toasters for the biddies who like their registries.

 Now if I were only comfortable wearing the same thing to all the weddings...

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