Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend Plus A Day

We had a lovely quiet indoor weekend.  Apparently all we did was eat if I look at my photos from the weekend.  I also did some sewing and fabric shopping for some exciting new projects.

Without a doubt brunch in my favourite meal of all and Foster's Market does a grits bowl that will knock your socks off.  A grits bowl, a coffee and a New York Times picked up at The Regulator and I'm set for about six hours.  Also:  ginger cookies. Ginger cookies and coffee post grits.  Out of sight.

As far as barbecue goes The Q-Shack is my Durham favourite (not to be confused with my Chapel Hill favourite, Allen & Sons).  Chopped Brisket and chips and beans.  Living six hours from our families and almost all of our friends leaves us feeling a little bummed out on these crazed cook-out holidays so we've started our own tradition of Movie + Q-Shack.  We saw Men in Black 3 because there is nothing else out in theatres. At least not in Durham.

 What did you do this weekend?

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