Friday, May 25, 2012

Weekend, Long

Memorial day

The worst part about moving, for me, is starting to detach from my home.  Long weekends and the extra day to futz with potted plants and repaint and mess about, go window shopping and dream of fancy new lamps (or rugs or curtains or maybe actually getting it together and making a terrarium) is my favourite thing.  We're taking this long weekend as the calm before the storm.  My dad (who is good at these things) is looking at my resume and I'm about to start the job search in earnest (if you have any good ideas - let me know!) and the packing commences soon.   All of which is to say that I wish I was spending my weekend dressed as above and wandering through lovely shops and working on my potted plant collection.  Or I wish Mary would come back from Boston and work on my brunch sunburn at Foster's Market while we eat grits bowls.  The pretty good third place plan is eating barbecue with David and taking the dog to the Eno River, maybe playing a bit of tennis.  Which sounds lovely despite the lack of merino sweaters.

Hope you have a delightful long weekend.

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  1. A perfect outfit! Have a nice weekend too x