Friday, March 22, 2013



This weekend is kind of going to be a catch up.  We've been swamped for what feels like weeks and I've been running to Trader Joe's over lunch to pick up stuff for dinner (which could feel young and French and instead feels chaotic, expensive and unhealthy) and running hither and yon in searching of printing help and envelopes and paper for a week and a half.  This weekend I'm going to do some canning, shopping, reading and catching up on Girls (I've seen only a few episodes of this season).

 I am most looking forward to doing some grocery shopping, real life meal planning and all.  Every week I think I'll make a frittata and have it for breakfast in the earlier part of the week before switching to the standby scrambled eggs.  It hasn't yet happened but this just might be my weekend.   I also want to make these rice and salmon cakes.

And, if you haven't already, go read Why We Like Beautiful Things.  The author was on NPR this afternoon talking about beauty and his book.   And quick-like-a-bunny read this letter from Eudora Welty to the New Yorker when she was younger than I am now and wanted a job.  When I lived in Mississippi I knew her old bartender and people universally refer to her as 'Ms. Welty' and remember how badly she drove. She had a lovely garden and lived in Jackson with few breaks for almost a hundred  years.

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  1. lovely to be swamped and then to get off the track and slow it down.
    nice here. i know i will be back~