Friday, March 15, 2013

Walls, Gallery

Do you ever find yourself loathing everything in your closet? I often find myself with baskets full of laundry and nothing that makes me excited to get dressed. That's sort of how I feel about our flat at the moment. We arranged lots of furniture in the tiniest space and slapped paint up quickly. Maybe it's the tiny flat with two people, a dog and a cat (and this week a house guest) or maybe it's the coming of spring - regardless of the cause, I'm ready to throw everything out. I want to minimize our furniture, books and tchotchkes and hang art right the way to the ceiling.


Something about spare furniture and abundant art really rock my socks these days. We have a weekend filled with visitors and a trip to the National Archive and printing invitations to a bridal shower. I am pretending that the weekend includes boxes of books on their way to Goodwill and ladders and art.

Have a good weekend.

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