Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Trial, Error

Our tiny apartment is causing me grief. We are handing down one of the couches we inherited from my parents to my younger sister (and accepting that she will turn it into a Doritos Locos Couch, she yelled at me and told me she doesn't eat Cheetos so my complaints about Cheeto dust are crazy THAT DUST IS FROM DORITOS!) and maybe moving a bookshelf or two around. I'm planning gallery walls and I have a very involved social life with dinner parties once our dining table can seat more than two staring directly at a bookshelf.

All of this is very well but the last time we moved all the furniture I ended up sitting on the floor crying and David had to feed me Roti to get me to calm down (seriously, their pita bread is crack).  So before we move everything we own into the bedroom and start breaking things I wanted to give everything a go space wise.  I considered the good old graph paper and moving little mini graph paper couches system and then I did some googling.  I found Autodesk Homestyler*.  I measured my apartment and my couches etc (and didn’t worry too much about making sure the colours were representative, I just want to see what will fit and what will be miserably tight) and started playing.  I also like that you can see in 3D.  Here my apartment looks sort of fine (maybe I should have cared about colours) in 2D but crazy tight in 3D.  It’s kind of annoying to measure everything you might want to fit into your room but it’s really nice not to move all the furniture, scratch the floor, pull all the cookbooks off the shelf and stub your toe just to realize that nothing fits.  Now I’m inspired to cull our books, organize our towels and maybe start thinking about the mess that is our bedroom.


*Who doesn’t know I exist or that I wrote this post, I just thought it was cool.

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