Thursday, March 28, 2013

Goodbye Old Friend


I've been saying this for years now.  It's time to get a new wallet. I've been rocking my J. Crew Magic Wallet with woven terriers since my sophomore year of college. That was a really long time ago.  It was gorgeous and wonderful and perfect for my metro card and since I am one of those people who never has cash ever (I was shocked when I saw the new ten dollar bill TWO YEARS after it came out) it’s been perfect.  Now it is falling apart.  Like REALLY falling apart.  

Since I’m no longer a student losing my id card (fifteen times in four years) I feel like it might be time for something a little more grown up.  Something for carrying cash (DC cabs don't take cards yet), something so that I don't have to rotate my cards through.  Yes please.  I'm sharing my shopping with you.  Right now I'm leaning toward 4 because pink and orange are lovely.

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