Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bird Prints

My bedroom needs artwork. I repainted it over the summer and bought new furniture and it needs something on the walls in addition to the memo board that I started and painted 3 of the 4 cork board tiles for but put aside when I started working but I swear I'll finish. 

I like bird motifs in general. I saw an owl-print duvet cover (It was beautiful. Trust.) from The Pottery Barn that I flipped for and I was very annoyed that I found it too late and it was no longer available by the time I wanted it. I'll probably one day be that crazy old lady who sits on her porch and watches birds all day. I'm okay with that. I'm also okay with these lovely bird prints from Etsy artist Yumi Yumi

I love the organic, airy, and whimsical quality of these prints. And the colors are just beautiful. Doesn't it look like pressed wildflowers?

I also saw these on Design*Sponge a couple weeks ago so you probably saw them too, but I think they are so cool. I would love a series of these and unfortunately probably lack the talent to do them myself. 

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