Wednesday, April 15, 2009


It would be shallow and vain of me to admit that for as long as I've been receiving a real paycheck (three weeks now) I've been thinking of my first splurge from those paychecks. Well, it is. And I am. And I have been.

I've been wanting a really beautiful watch for a long time now. Preferably a Cartier. Which is unfortunately thousands and thousands of dollars out of my price range. I did, however, find this really cool watch from Michael Kors, and at $195, it's still pricey but so much more affordable.

It's young and a very cool alternative to a gold band. It's also somewhat masculine and I love the look of a masculine watch on a woman.

I also love this one. It would look so lovely with spring and summer dresses, if the rain and cold and winter will ever end in New York, for crying out loud.


  1. This is a time-honored tradition for professions women. Banish all shame. My first real bonus in high-tech I spent on a black and white Chanel jacket. I still have it. I still wear it. It still makes my teeth hurt with joy. And I confess, I wear a men's Rolex. The Cellini. Looks killer with my Giorgio Armani navy jacket but also looks pretty good with a white tshirt and jeans. If I remember my bicep curls that is....

  2. I meant professional women. But my attention to detail is waning with age...

  3. LOVE both watches. I've been thinking of buying a white one, but both of these are really fun, too.