Monday, April 27, 2009

Oranges, Spreadable

Did anyone else read Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit? I just this very moment learned it was a BBC mini-series so you might have watched it too. I don't remember if I liked the book but I do know that in terms of spreadability oranges are my only fruit. I know it's spring so we are suppose to be done with the orange but they are my favourites and I mostly just eat avocado during the summer if I can't lay my hands on an orange. We have just reached the bottom of our last jar of marmalade and I thought I might rawther adventurously attempt to make some. So far I am crippled by fear of inadvertently making horrific jelly-like marmalade that you can see through and not the yummy kind so recipes are key. I am debating Alton Brown's, Martha's (both reliable sources) or this random one here (because there is whiskey in it and it's not see through). Martha and Alton both lose some authority because they're Americano. I may have three American grandparents and a shiny American education and childhood but where marmalade is concerned I side with my mother, my granddad, Edinburgh, Scotland, James Keiller and his sons. Marmalade should be chunky and delicious. Has anyone else made marmalade?

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