Friday, July 10, 2009

Shiny Stuffs

All my jewelry is in the top drawer of my bureau. When I lived in Massachusetts and in Mississippi I kept it up on hooks on the wall for easy sortage and finding. But in PA I have a corner bedroom and a wall of shelves so there really isn't much room for a wall of jewelry as well, and rooting around in the top drawer and opening wee boxes and envelopes and tiny baggies with earrings (which are, let's be hones, all very cheap) and beaded shenangigans is all very overwelming. This would make my dolla earrings and five dolla bangles MUUUUUUUUCH more appealing. I know it's technically for lingerie but really, I could get those little stacking velvet lined organizer thinger-majigers.

Horchow Mirrored Lingerie Chest, $789.90

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