Friday, July 3, 2009

Coffee Table

I don't have a coffee table. Our sitting room isn't really laid out that way. I say our sitting room but soon it's going to be MY sitting room since apparently I am going to live here. We have a big wide table under the window and two sofas and end tables of the very country variety. Anyway, I found my own copy of The Sloan Rangers Handbook for one of these end tables. Or possibly the bookshelves in the morning room. Maybe. Who doesn't need a book about "Why it really matters to * WEAR navy blue * EAT jelly with a fork * READ Dick Francis and the FT * GIGGLE in bed * CRY when you sing carols * NOT CRY at funerals" ... " * KILL salmon * DRINK seriously * PUT the 'Great' into Britain and the 'Hooray' into Henry and LIVE IN THE COUNTRY (or, failing that, Kensington Square)"

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