Thursday, June 25, 2009

Party or Apparently Now I Have a House

We are having a party today. My contribution to this party has been bunting-y flag-y things. I made them from oragami paper and wool yarn. It was obviously extremely complicated and required intense craftman like skill.

I also am apparently living in my parents summer house. Forever. Or until I find a real job and or a real place to live. On the bright side I am the youngest person I know with a five bedroom house in rural Pennsylvania. And with a pool. I suspect this might be very lonely. I suspect that the Cat and I will spend a lot of hours watching movies and cooking. Maybe I will work on my graduate school application and not become a monstrously scary wicked witch who lives down a lane and devours children who wander this way. Maybe I should try to find roommates. Hmmmm. We will ponder.


  1. OK. Here is a story. When I graduated from business school I needed to live in rural Pennsylvania. Off Route 100, halfway in between Wilmington and Macungie. Landed in Glenmore, which at that time was little more than a stoplight hanging from a wire on Route 100 and an eating place where you could get steak with plastic cows stuck in to communicate doneness. I lived in a house that looked much like the one you show above. The actual owner? Rented a trailer and lived out back. And no, I wasn't aware that had been the plan when I signed the rental agreement. So, push comes to shove, list your house for rent, buy a trailer, put it out back, live there, voila, instant company.

  2. holy. moly.
    that is a BEAUTIFUL house and if I were you - don't ever leave!!!