Friday, June 19, 2009

And then, a weekend

These past two weeks have been a little crazy, with the meeting of Oldest and Best's fiance's handsome, funny, sweet friends and the chihuahua and Tres' new boyfriend hanging around like a love-stuck puppy, and a filly being born at my mum's best friends farm and the desire to clutch the filly (I am a horrible clutcher, I like to clutch) and the picking out of a new horse for Cuatro and the riding and lunging and training of that horse and the laying of fence for the friend (which makes me feel better about my horses being fed chinese herbs three times daily by our grooms who call me Miss) and the very unpleasant photos that surfaced on the f'book that made me want to jump out windows and stop eating cheesecake and the marble cheesecake I ate the next day anyway and the new haircut and the cuddly baby sister of the Oldest and the Best falling asleep in my arms at the bonfire before being passed to her dad who is the only person who ever calls me 'honey' and the swimming at the lake and in the pool and the baby goats for kissing and clutching (they don't mind being clutched) and the late night confession of love and being called darling by someone who I do not want to love me, or call me darling and the return of friends from abroad and lots of lunches and dinners and clutching and cuddles and Cuatro's best friends who I've known all their lives falling asleep in the backseat of my car letting me in on the jokes and giggling exhaustedly on our way home from the theatre.

I might stay in bed this weekend.

Above: The Oldest and Best's sister, dancing by the fire, before she decided that she liked to be clutched

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