Friday, June 19, 2009


Everyone at work is sick or at weddings or in Morocco and I've been mostly by myself playing with art and researching the most pointless topics online. I like to be a wealth of knowledge of all things meaningless. It has rained nonstop. The parrot has kept me company. He commiserates for he is not in Morocco either.

But now I must bring the parrot to bird camp and go home. I will probably go to garage sales and flea markets and possibly go to brunch after which I will probably go shopping and buy things I don't need because I am 23 and impossible.



  1. Gosh you and Hannah are just so adorable the two of you. Maybe for your age you are precocious and intense but from this decade you are so cute. And I say that with full respect.

  2. From here we are still mostly just cute. Occasionally we go as far as to be twee. But for the most part, just cute. :)

  3. Am glad to know we look better on the other, wiser side (: