Monday, June 1, 2009

Guts on the Blog

I spent most of the weekend with my Oldest and Best who's finger was just measured for a shiny ring by a very nice boy. It is one of those lovey things where the loveliest girl I know (since I was seven) is going to marry the loveliest and nicest boy I have ever met and he loves her so much that I almost don't feel as though I need to threaten him with death if he harms or hurts her in any way. I still might.   She is the Oldest and Best who's baby sister Natalie got married earlier this month.

We had lunch this weekend and then went to high rock and hung our legs off into the abyss and talked about horses we had known in our youth. Only she remembers the thoroughbred who died this year as fondly and as well as I. We lived fifteen minutes apart in New York when we were children and both moved to Pennsylvania, (half an hour apart now) in our teens in unrelated paternal career moves. Different colleges but we always see each other over the summer and at Christmas. It's rare to share two locations with a friend and more than fifteen years of history when you're our age. There was discussion of brides maids in black cocktail dresses and shoes with bows and handsome groomsmen and big, fat flowers in our hair and armloads of peonies. She is the loveliest girl.

In other wedding news that rips my guts out and leaves them on my blog, I was scrolling through my bloggy world on Saturday and saw this post over at Privilege which was really about navy (and it's usefulness) but the first picture was of a wedding at my alma mater.  I was so school-sick I nearly choked.  I cannot cope with my alma mater being that and not My School. I loved college.  I'm one of those sad people who never wanted school to end.  I'm not cheeky to the girls who call and beg for money for the 2009 fund and I am, at this very moment wearing a sweat shirt with name of the school emblazoned upon it.  I'm pretty sure this style was designed for moms: no hood, baggy = for moms.  My mom doesn't wear sweatshirts.  So I wear it for her.   

Also: My facebook has been disabled because cyber criminals are trying to take over the interwebs.  What with my Oldest and Best about to be a married lady and My School being ripped from my arms and my connection with everyone from said school being killed and Oldest and Best remembering the day the thoroughbred coming off the truck in Mercersburg glossy and fit under his sheet and my arms around his neck and him being now dead and me being the kind of girl who cried on her tenth birthday because she did not like milestones passing there were a lot of tears shed this weekend.  A lot of crying.  The ugly kind.   Guts on the blog.  Fact.
Images: Project Wedding at School; bridesmaids dress and shoes and bracelet a la J. Crew; flowers in hair via the Knot; armloads of peonies from Fleurish Floral and the picture of the girl taking her thoroughbred hunting  is available incaseyouarepiningforjusthisverything on ebay and that wee bit of green is what High Rock looked like on Saturday when the sun went down

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  1. Hope you are feeling better honey. That's what I would say to my daughter. I've of course been off at graduation where she had to leave her beloved school behind, so not having time to read lovely blogs but will do so religiously from now on.