Thursday, June 18, 2009

Role Models

Laura Holt is my numero uno role model in life. I know that she was on television when I wasn't allowed to watch prime-time telly but still, she lives on in syndication and in my sick and unpleasant need to wear tweed driving caps all the time. I have recently started watching her magic again on Hulu and I remembered how much I love her shiny hair, velvet blazers, white rabbit convertible and excellent cat burglar outfits. I know it's warm and I'm suppose to be running around in sandals and light summery dresses but right now I feel like wearing super eighties clothes and Pierce Brosnan. Here you go. Dress like Laura. Wear a cap, fight crime, promote sexual tension you can cut with a knife and living in a loft. Live the dream.

Office:Shoes, Earrings, Dress, Bag
Silver Watch

Stake-Out: Cap,Sweater, Impossibly Wonderful Blazer, Jeans, Sneakers, Watch

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