Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Closet Shopping

East Side Bride, who is excellent in all ways and shares a sick love of C. Gain, recently posted about shopping your own closet which made me think I ought to spend less time coveting hotness other people have and relish the hotness I have. And wear it more. This means you, crazy pink shoes. Here are three items of clothing I love so much my brain hurts but I never wear because I'm not sure how to wear them without looking ridiculous, all four of you readers are clever clever ladies who wear clever little outfits and don't look like homeless people. I, most of the time, look a bit homeless. Outfits are not my strong suit when it comes to actually getting dressed in the morning, with my own clothes. Does anyone have any genius ideas about how to wear these in an outfit? Thoughts? Feelings? EMOTIONS?

My friend Nina gave me these insane purple and green miracles. Thank you Marc Jacobs for your insanity. I want to wear them everywhere because I'm six-one in them but I can't actually find anything to wear with them. Sometimes when I am feeling very blue I think they are unwearable. Sigh.

Then there is the sparkly top. I have it in a dress and in a top and other than for the brother's album release party I have never worn either. I get freaked out by things that shiny so close to my face.

Then there is mum's coat. She bought it at Jenners in Edinburgh before I was born and it makes me feel super duper eighties and Crossing Delancy but in an awesome powerful, excellent kind of way, I need to not wear it with brown riding boots every single time I put it on. It's a bit TOO much.

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  1. Hello. found you via peonies and polaroids because you are also called Hannah.

    If you were feeling extra daring you could wear them ALL TOGETHER, or alternatively, if i were you, id wear the purple and green shoes with a plain black dress, or dark skinny jeans and a plain t shirt, and id probably wear the sequin top with skinny jeans too, with any shoes.

    and that coat with those boots would never be too much!