Monday, June 15, 2009

Disappearing Act

I am farm sitting some goats, and a chihuahua and two horses and some mulberry trees and a pond with a boat and lots of trails. And slow slow slow dial-up interwebs, hence being MIA.

Saturday and Sunday I spent with the Oldest and the Best and her fiance and his friends who are all shockingly nice and kind and good to babies. Engagement celebration with grown up friends on Saturday night and then yesterday at Fiance's graduation party with mummies and daddies and siblings and grandmothers and cousins and lots of little people everywhere (I got to snuggle the Oldest and Best's baby sister, dancing with three year olds is possibly the greatest activity). At the end of the night when a lot of the cousins-eight-times-removed and the parents' friends had left we had a bonfire in the mountains and Lizzie (a friend of ours who teaches music) played the violin and we roasted marshmallows and I got the sleeping three year old on my lap. I think it is best when Bests marry lovely people. Photos will follow when I'm back at home with faster internet.

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