Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ten Thousand Villiages

I thought everyone in the world had a Ten Thousand Villiages but apparently since Mary escaped their clutches I was wrong. I have a very hip uncle who always buys our Christmas presents there and I did a little birthday snooping there today since my mother's birthday is Thursday. Here are nine things I want right this very instant.

1.  This would be very nice for my pennies and cards and I could be forced to USE my change since I'd want to bring the purse out and wave it around so people could be dazzled by it's SPARKLES.   Sequined Coin Purse $14.00

2. Don't pretend these wouldn't make your ears happy.  Earrings $24.00

3.  I think my mummie's birthday cake would look much better on this.  What wouldn't?  Table Cloth $58.00

4.  Or maybe a cup of tea in bed with this...  Cup and Saucer $14.00

5.  My mummie (or ME for that matter) would look very very nice wrapped in this.  Yum yum yum.  Scarf $38.00

6.  I would wear these with my black turtleneck and shorts.  Yes.  I would.  Earrings $34.00

7.  For summery lemonades, or mojitos  Pitcher $18/00

8.  I have one of these hanging around my window.  Even though I am a full grown lady.  Or a part grown lady.  Something.   Indian Doll Garland $10.00

9.   When Mary and I lived in Massachusetts we had blocks on our coffee table, I feel like  Tic Tac Toe Dolls ($28.00) would be an excellent addition to our kindergarten coffee table.  

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