Monday, June 29, 2009

This is what my weekend looked like. Susie is, our vet reckons, a purebred westie. She has a silly little westie tail and a sweet little westie face. She's still a little stand-offish and our vet also reckons she might have been a puppy mill mama who was kicked out now that she is passed her puppy producing years. Poor poppet. She and I spent the weekend doing fun weekendy things. Like the vet, and the farmers market (where we got local unpasteurized cheese and pasture raised beef and bacon and chickens and our CSA baskets and cupcakes from a lady who let Susie lick frosting off her finger, and since Susie doesn't know about treats and families and snuggling I let her) and then Mum and I used every ounce of our sailing experience to tie knots and get a hammock up looking out toward the fields and Susie and I had a nap in the hammock and we listened to the lads unloading hay in the barn and Cuatro flitted around the back garden while the fireflies rose up from the grass. The twins were off at their various and sundry activities and Dad and the brother are still in Mississippi so it was just Cuatro and Mum and I. Pasta was made with CSA basil and pancetta and s'mores were roasted and we watched Star Wars of the old school variety.

Sunday we went to a cafe and sat outside and Susie was very nice to a little girl who pet her very gently and we called the Anti-Cruelty Society again and no one has reported a missing westie. Susie started following me around and slept very nicely in a crate next to the bed. Which is good. Because the Cat isn't going anywhere. Perhaps living in a big white house in the country with a pool will be less lonely with a rescued westie.

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