Friday, June 26, 2009


I came home from shopping (I got this, it's very cute in person) and Mummie had a dog in her arms. She has been telling me all summer that I need a wee dog, an older dog that won't need training or attention, that won't die when I leave it home alone. She found said dog on the road on her way home from the stable. She asked all the neighbors about her and no one knew anything. She asked at the kennel down the lane and they said that dogs have been dropped there almost daily recently by people hoping the kennel will take them in. Mummie gave her a bath before we got home and learned that she's house broken. We're asking at the humane society and all the local vets but this might be my dog. I am calling her Susie because she looks quite salt of the earth. Mum thinks she's a westie but we aren't entirely sure. She's in bed with my right now. This is her playing small spoon to Cuatro. I just love little dogs.

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