Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Antiques Roadshow

It's a little late for a weekend recap but for this caliber of awesome I'll make an exception. As I mentioned to all four of you last week, I was at the taping of Antiques Roadshow on Saturday in Atlantic City, NJ. We brought some lovely things that have been around my house for ages--mostly my grandmother's things--objects that every Monday night between 8 and 9 pm for the last few years my mother has listed off as things she would like to bring to the Roadshow should it ever come to the area. 

Unfortunately, as we suspected, most of our belongings were valuable only in the sentimental variety and we didn't make it in front of the cameras. We did find out that my grandmother's porcelain Mycean figurines which we thought were fake are in fact real and somewhat valuable, which is nice to hear considering we have (small) a collection. 

Meager valuables aside, I did get to meet the Bros. Keno and I'm kind of a geek so I may have had a nerdgasm. And by may I mean I did. I couldn't speak. I died. It was a fabulous day.

Above, NOT Bros Keno, but he has ceramics, so there.

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