Monday, June 1, 2009


Attics are dangerous places.  Straight up dangerous.  I found my Barbour coat from a very long time ago and a military style rucksack from Dad's European tour and the above shawl which belonged to my great grandmother who is quoted often as having said "Dress first to please your family at home. Shopping for clothes is a job. Do it thoughtfully, get it over with and forget about it. Keep a balanced wardrobe and replace the gaps as they occur. Always have something hanging in your cupboard that you can wear at a moment's notice for an occasion. Never turn best clothes into every-day ones. Give away what you can and don't live in a clutter. Do not be eccentric in your dress and call attention to yourself or wear everything new at once and go about looking like a band-box. Dress so that after you have left your room there is nothing to fuss about and you can forget what you have on." Which I think makes her quite clever. I will have to dress eccentrically though in order to work this into my life in a major way.

I also found a box of rosettes from shows when I was about ten. Seeing as I never won anything like the Canadian Open the below frames seem a bit extreme but rosettes, even the little the dinky 4-H ones, are colourful. Maybe if I put a bunch together (not like the link of the wall of ribbons).... hmmm

P.S. Granny June, who lived with my mother until her death in 1967, also said: "One of my most embarrassing moments was in St. Petersburg in the time of the Czars when I went to a dinner-party after the opera in full evening-dress to discover that it was out-of-doors and everyone else was in afternoon clothes. I had not realized the Russian summer evenings stayed light so long." Which makes her my numero uno hero. I wanna know a czar.

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