Tuesday, July 21, 2009

White and Blue

Clearly I'm digging blue and white hues today. While stumbling around on Polyvore (thank God for Polyvore during those long days full of "work") I found these little bits of magic.

Like this majestic Judith Leiber Clutch. It is insane, like put-down-the-crack-pipe-insane. And YET I am strangely drawn to it. I feel like I could never really use this in real life but I could take it out of my drawer from time to time and pet it and watch it shine. There's also a part of me, however, that feels like it is so nuts that it deserves to be used in the nuttiest way possible. That being said, I would wear it with a caftan at the grocery store.

This 1950s French Raffia Clutch with white beading is also lovely, however unappealing to my insane side, but it is quite charming nonetheless. It's funny how I think that buying a clutch would be a good idea, considering the weight of my current bag. Oh Mary, perhaps YOU should be the one putting down the crack-pipe, dear.


  1. Please see my post about Davis going to a wedding for the FIRST mention of that clutch today. Get the hell out of my head, succubus.

  2. I swear I didn't even read it. You know that this means the clutch has brain-warping powers.