Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Want, Need, Fair-trade, Pine

The lovely weekend with Hannah and the boos ended with a trip to Ten Thousand Villages and
I may have found my new favorite crack den. They sell the most random wonderful things like

this ceramic vase for 12 dolla, which I absolutely don't need but I love blue and white ceramics and I love the shape of it and it will pretty much go in any room in any house or apartment or commune I ever live in. Also I think I a big pink peony would look lovely in it.
And this paisley make-up bag, which I do kind of need and feel better about buying one as a fair trade item rather than going to Kate Spade and paying way too much for one there.

But I think what I really love the most are the textiles, mainly the table cloths, after which seeing I suddenly cannot wait to own a dining room or kitchen table.


  1. aaaaaand it's time for me to shop.

  2. I'll give those finds a "Oooohhh"; "Aahhh", "Neato", "Fab" and "Nice" in that order.

    I particularly like the first two! Thanks for the tips. I've already the perfect place for that vase...