Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Weddings, What to Wear

Best-Friend-From-Highschool (not to be confused with The-Oldest-and-Best best friend or The-Best-Friend-From-College and co-blogger M-Dawg) is going to a wedding. A former coworker is getting married and lots of people she used to work with will be there and she wants to look smashing. As one does. These are my outfit suggestions for the weddings. I can't really make any suggestions or dream any little dreams about clutches. I despise them. I can never find ones I like in the under $3,000 range. Which is preposterous. There ought to be more options. This doesn't really count as an option. If she likes though I will lend this friend my Lie Down I Think I Love You clutch. Because she's just that good a friend. For some reason all the picture on Option Two weren't as nice as the option one pictures. I think I like two better though. Just to be contrary.

Also: I really want everyone to buy this dress and wear it with this but no one will. Sigh. You. Go buy that. Look awesome in it. Think of me. Also, looking at the above I apparently want everyone in the world to wear nude pumps with everything. I should get me some-a those.

Option: Dress, $148 at J Crew; Bracelet, $38 at Anthro; Shoes, $198 at J Crew.

Option 2: Dress, $130 at Banana Republic; Earrings, $34 at Anthro; Shoes, $137.50 at


  1. If that dress is navy, I really like it with the coral/orange shoes.

  2. It is navy. Oh navy. How I love thee.

  3. I realize my life would probably be much better in many ways if I just did everything you said (whose wouldn't?), but am still completely sure those dresses would be completely unflattering with my lack of waist. Only things am drawn to are your beautiful clutch and the mind-warping vision in damask.

  4. I'd go for the first outfit then. Happily. Enthusiastically.