Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ten Items or Less: Fall

It's been raining. I'm a big fan of the rain. Rainy Saturdays following late late Fridays are pretty wonderful. The rain and the afternoon at home with Susie make me want pretty clothes. Warm clothes. Wool clothes. Grey clothes. Yes please. So here is the ten item wardrobe for fall.

1) This pea coat makes me die of happiness, over everything. Everywhere.
2) I got these luminous Franco Sarto Boots three years ago and wear them about four times a week. They still look banging. I wear them over jeans and with skirts and dresses and once I ran to Sainsbury's in just a t-shirt and underwear and those boots with a very long coat. I am a very elegant lady. Be aware.
3) I really do kind of want a rather boring Coach Watch that I can wear with everything.
4) I pine in a big way for this magical Rick Owens' Sweater
5) This See by Chloe skirt lights up my life, with the sweater, with a white shirt, with all those stupid J. Crew tank tops, with about nine million cardigans
6) I keep threatening to buy a proper sheath dress and this one is pretty fabu. I'd wear it with the boots. And the peacoat. Probably not a good idea but I would.
7) Pashminas, they should cost five dollas. FACT
8) Something about the rain makes me want to hide in enormous cardigans. This one pretty much rocks my universe
9) My favourite golden ballet flats had to be retired this week and these purple cutenessess are looking pretty glamorous as replacements
10) With skinny jeans, with skirts, with everything. I'm pretty much in love with this shenanigan and the lovely pockets

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