Monday, November 19, 2012


Sometimes when there is the most to can I'm not in the mood, it's too hot and massive pots of boiling water and peaches on the stove are not really attractive.  Now that it's cold and we're days away from Thanksgiving I am all about the boiling pots.  Onion and Rosemary Confiturra and Pickled Cranberries were just the thing.  We are doing Thanksgiving at my aunt and uncle's house in Virginia after about twenty years of Thanksgiving at my parents house or in various hotels in Tennessee and Connecticut.  My aunt and uncle are INSANELY good cooks so I'm going to cop out and contribute pâté and cheese and my canned goods.  My aunt who is allergic to cranberries can have cherry thyme marmalade.  Poor her though, those cranberries are out. of. hand.    I'm still looking for a job so I have an interview today and tomorrow and somewhere in there pack up and clean the apartment.  I also haven't finished painting the living room which is my one goal before Christmas tree.... lets see if I can make it.

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