Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Wishlist

What do you do with your extended family for the holidays?  In my family of origin I am the only one with a spouse and there are no babies, just the five of us and mom and dad and Dave.  Everyone gets everyone a gift and we all sit under the Christmas tree and eat cinnamon buns and drink cocoa and we open presents youngest to oldest.  It's awesome.  In David's family he was the last to marry and we are the only ones without kids.  He has four siblings, four in-laws and nine nephews and nieces and parents.  No one really does presents although his parents get presents for their grandchildren and I started doing baskets for his parents and each of his siblings families of simple things like caramel corn and cookies and caramel sauce.

In my family we make lists for Christmas.  The lists are due December first.  I know a lot of people are anti-list but if my sister wants ballet flats because she already has a hundred scarves I'd rather know so I can get her what she needs.  This year my siblings lists started rolling into my inbox in mid November.  And in case they haven't found the most amazing gift for me yet here are some of my favourite things this winter.

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