Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Giving, For Brothers

My Rad brother is basically the raddest of them all. If you have to buy a present for your brother you should probably just buy them my brother's cd. Slightly psychotic sisterly plug through with, my brother is a hard guy to shop for. I don't bother to buy him music unless it's something he's asked for, he doesn't play sports or drink liquor so there go all the paraphernalia that goes with that. For my mega hip brother these are the things I'm keeping my eyes on.*

1. Music, not so much but music STUFF? Yes. Bear Speakers
2. Last year in his dorm he had antlers borrowed from his girlfriend's brother, he had to return them when they broke up so maybe some ebayed antique antlers would be groovy.
3. Requested music, Melody's Echo Chamber CD
4.  Presents you can eat are always a good bet and these have the added advantage of combining coffee and chocolate, Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans
5.  My brother has been known to wear extremely large fair isle sweaters from goodwill and reply to everything we say in his best nordic 'yah'.  And this is gorge -  Fair Isle Sweater
6.   Fancy Soap for shaving etc from Etsy is right up my hipster brother's alley.
7.  In highschool my brother wore a blazer to football games with a giant striped wool hat (with pom pom) and he's always been a well dressed guy.  Last year I did my best to knit him a tie but this year maybe I'll just buy this one.
8.  This year, as evidenced by my own Christmas list, I am obsessed with vintage collegiate pennants. The ones I found for my brother's school on ebay were a gorgeous dark red colour.
9. Every year there is always one sister who gets to give him what he really wants.  A Starbucks gift-card.  It keeps him happy and warm and caffeinated for months.  Which is really all we want to do for him anyway.

Don't worry, he would never in a million years look at my blog.  I am constantly whining "why don't you looooooove me?" at him.  It gets about as poisitive a response as you'd think.

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