Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Giving, For Sisters

I'm lucky enough to have three younger sisters (I'm Uno, then we have Dos, Tres and Quatro. Its an imperfect system.).  They are smart, gorgeous and the most fun.  If I wasn't living off of student loans I would buy them all the things.  Here are just a few:

1. For Quatro I'd love to get Blood Bones and Butter.  She's just learning to cook and Gabrielle Hamilton makes me want to run away and open a restaurant.

2. For Dos, I would get this fancy looking necklace from the Accessorize in the train station.  It's beautiful.

3.  I've been stalking this "I'm Outdoorsy" Print for years,  it's my favourite and I think Tres with her general distaste for the outdoors and her adoration for gin would be very into it.

4. Quatro has also gotten into "real jewelry" recently.  I think she'd love these Kate Spade Bow Earrings.  They are kind of perfect for a sixteen year old, right?

5.  This scarf with our family tartan is so pretty and would keep every single one of us warm.

6. Tres' sorority sisters called her Mama Llama and I think this Llama iPhone Cover would be a good way of giving a shout out to what she calls her 'real sisters'.

7. These Temporary Bunny Tattoos are another that I'd like to get everyone.  I'm always referring to the younger siblings as the 'baby bunnies' which they like to tease me about.  This fall I got us all matching bunny necklaces with a diamond eye.

8. Tres has been on a chocolate covered fruit kick recently.  I think it's such a lovely way of saying that you luff someone, Chocolate Strawberries.

9. Dos is a costume designer in Dallas and she is always wearing high wasted, Katherine Hepburn pants and children's dresses as shirts and I think pink Butter Nail Polish is insanely stylish and Butter is wooooooonderful.

10. Quatro needs a Foxy Sweater.  She has fox prints on her wall and is young enough that a hipster fox sweater looks cool and not trying too hard (ahem, unlike me).

What are you favourite gifts for wonderful sisterly people?

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