Friday, April 19, 2013

A Cautionary Tale

Can't find credit for gorgeous CD

Sometimes nice girls from nice families, the daughters of lawyers and poets, with very nice education - junior year of high school and college at prestigious foreign institutions - from top 30 schools in the north east and very nice shoes and handbags, sometimes these girls become shop girls. Sometimes these girls turn down the only job offered them straight after graduation and they move back in with their parents (who have since moved to Mississippi) and become waitresses and shop girls. They work as nannies and assistants and maybe they get married. These girls didn't mean to become cautionary tales, reminders to study hard and minor in econ, but they do. Their fathers often tell them that you can either get your personal life in order or your professional life and that these girls were on the marriage track and that that's fine. These girls still sort of wish they were minutes away from becoming doctors or lawyers or independently wealthy bloggers. These girls end up working in cubicles while their classmates graduate from masters programs or law schools or start residencies and would literally punch someone for the chance to have an office with a door and window and wall space to hang a print and a place where their plants wouldn't die of lack of sunlight.

I think it might be time for one of these girls to take the GRE and Get It Together. 

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